Presenting The World’s WORST Nightclub Promo Video EVER!

is the Worst Club Promo Video of All Time

I’ve been to some pretty bad night clubs. Does anyone remember Mustang Bar? Anyways, the above image is actually from the world’s most sexiest promo video for the most sexiest nightclub night you will EVER lay eyes on. *Sarcasm*

The music, the people, everything about this promo video makes me want to actually go check out this club night just so I could say I went. I probably would if it didn’t mean I’d ¬†have to scrub myself down with a metal scrubbing brush afterwards. I suppose if you’re keen to open up a Pandora’s box of options and probably get an STD or two check out the promo video for ¬†Bounce By The Ounce below, it just might be the club night for you!

So it turns out the featured club in the video is called Rumes Nightclub and recently closed down. Dare I ask why?


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