The entire original Batman series is hitting shelves in November!

batman entire tv series to be released

It was rumoured the camp-godness that is the original Batman television series would be released at some point this year, and it excites me to announce that the entire series is set to be relased this November on Blue Ray. The set will feature all 120 episodes, remastered in HD, and will be accompanied with all kinds of extra and other goodies that every camp bat-fan should have.

From Slash Film:

This fall, the show comes to Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download for the first time ever, thanks to the resolution of rights conflicts between Fox and Warner Bros. The set packs in 120 episodes, remastered in HD, with a suite of extra features. The set has been dated for November, but you can get a first look at the remastered Batman TV series trailer below, and the footage is as colorful and clear as you’d hope.

Word is Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will reveal more about the set’s extras at a Comic-Con panel on Thursday, July 24 and will have  Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar will be in attendance on that panel. God, what I would do to be sitting in on that panel!

Now while we’re talking about the original series who can forget the 1966 Batman: The Movie where we see the caped crusader go up against a shark. Thank God for his handy Shark Repellant Bat Spray!

So will you be buying the camp goodness come November?

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