George R.R. Martin has two words and one finger for all those doubters!

George RR Martin says fuck you!

Okay, so he maybe overweight and 65 years old, so we can understand that some people might have their doubts about whether George RR Martin will still be around to finish the Game of Thrones books especially since there’s still no release date for the 6th book in the series, Winds of Winter. However, Martin has something to say to those doubters that involve two words and a middle finger.

An interviewer for the Swiss daily Tages-Anzeiger asked the question that had been on everyone’s mind, and the 65-year-old author’s answer was rather blunt and straight to the point.

“I find that question pretty offensive, frankly, when people start speculating about my death and my health, so fuck you to those people,” Martin said. In case the message wasn’t entirely clear, he then gave those people the finger.

A spokeswoman for Martin later denied that his comments were directed at his readers, say, “The finger and the ‘fuck you’ were in no way aimed at George RR Martin’s fans but at an interviewer sticking a microphone in his face and asking a rude and morbid question about his health. George would never disrespect his fans – he loves them, and he loves their passion.”

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m currently suffering withdrawals from the TV series. Perhaps I should start reading the books.

What have you thought of the series so far?

Are you worried that George RR Martin won’t finish the series?

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