Stephen Lance’s ‘My Mistress’ releases an official trailer and it’s AMAZING!

My Mistress film poster

“For some people the line between pleasure and pain is too fine to ever be crossed.”

If there is one Australian film that you watch this year, make it Stephen Lance’s debut feature film, My Mistress. Earlier this year I had the privilege of attending a cast and crew screening of the film and found it simply breathtaking and ever since I’ve been dying for the film to be released so I could see it again. So today it gives me great pleasure to say that finally that time is not far off and now we get to see the first official trailer for the film.

Check out the just released trailer below.

Via “It’s a long hot summer for Charlie Boyd. He’s sixteen and his hormones are racing. When a tragic family event tumbles Charlie into a world of pain, a pain so intense he thinks no-one can help, he tries to escape. Desperate and alone, he meets Maggie, the mysterious woman who lives down the street.  She’s a professional and she specialises in pain. Giving it, exploring it, and sharing it, all for money. So Charlie insinuates his way into her life and despite herself Maggie can’t stop from going along with his wishes.  However dangerous their relationship may be, she knows he needs her.  She needs him too. As much as she tries to deny it, she needs his sort of love, because in the part of her life she keeps from Charlie, she has been judged and found wanting, and is paying the price. Maggie is drawn to this troubled boy who takes all the pain she can give and uses it to heal himself. As Charlie heals, he turns that love back onto her, his Mistress.”

My Mistress  Emmanuelle Béart and Harrison Gilbertson

From the beginning to the end My Mistress will captivate you with its rather intriguing, provocative and at times unconventional love story. The performances by AFI Award-winning Harrison Gilbertson as Charlie who finds himself infatuated with the S&M mistress who lives down the road played by the critically-acclaimed french actress Emmanuelle Béart, will have you enchanted from the first moment each of them grace the screen. While the well-directed cinematography creates a visual masterpiece that will inevitably leave its mark in Australian cinema. With this being Stephen Lance’s feature film debut, it can safely be said that we expect to see great things from him in the future and will definitely be an Australian director to keep an eye out for.

My Mistress is set to premiere at this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival in August and has been nominated for the 2014 $100,000 CinéfestOZ Film Prize. Word along the grapevine is the film will have official release in cinemas later this year, November to be exact. As you can guess I’m pretty excited for the release of My Mistress and goes without saying it is films like these that put Australian cinema on the map so be sure to get behind it and go see it. You won’t be disappointed!

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