The Goldilocks Zone: Red, red wine

Quinn Band at Kerbside

Sunday evening. One of those ubiquitous taco vans is set up outside a valley venue. A reggae band is playing a mix of originals and covers. A radio announcer arrives after her post-production work and other than the live music, has no idea what she’s about to experience.

She selects a red wine, orders some tacos, and after she’s finished eating, is approached by a fellow, who seemingly has been drinking for days. Next thing you know, he’s heckling the band ‘Red, red wine’ he intoxicatingly pleads for. He’s wasted enough he doesn’t even recognise when, after the sixth or seventh time he harrasses, they decide to play it.

It reaches the point he decides to interpretative dance, well, that’s the only word to describe it, before he takes off his shirt, and his singlet, unattractively bare-chested. The bar manager snaps into action, and his mate is told they’ll both have to leave. Although they weren’t really trouble, I can imagine liquor licensing wouldn’t really like the situation.

Thankfully, the tacos tasted great, the wine was good, and the tunes were just right for a Sunday night. The band showed its appreciation by integrating ‘Red, red wine’ into the song as they departed.

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