Were you fooled by the FAN-MADE teaser for American Horror Story: Freak Show?

American Horror Story Freak Show first teaser trailer

Quite a few people awoke this morning and were surprised with what they thought was the first chilling teaser for season 4 of American Horror Story. However alas Ryan Murphy and Co are still holding out on the goods, and as it it turns out the first official teaser for Freak Show was actually a fan-made trailer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, FX confirmed that they have no released any teaser and the one that set the Internet abuzz was simply a fan’s creation.

American Horror Story Coven eye stab

While it may have been a fan’s creation, it definitely doesn’t look like the work of an amateur and perfectly fits with the upcoming freak show story-line of season 4. The fan-made video is a chilling 21 second clip, featuring a supposed “fallen angel”, that tell the gruesome truth behind the wings on a performer. The teaser opens revealing the gloomy face of a girl, sporting the wings of an angel, that ends with the horrifying revelation that the wings had been crudely stuck into the bare back of the girl while a grim looking mime stands behind, operating wings with wooden levers. Perhaps the creator was hinting at the horrifying reality that performers  would endure performing in the freak shows.

Won’t lie, probably one of the best fan-made trailers I have seen for something in a long time. Seriously whoever created this needs to be hired by FX!!!

Freak Show is set in 1950s and will feature Jessica Lange as a German ex-pat running one of the last freaks in the U.S. The performers in her freak show have been rescued by her and they will do anything to keep the show running. American Horror Story: Freak Show is expected to premier on the 15th of October.

pepper american horror story asylum

OMG! October can’t come soon enough!

Were you fooled by the fan-made trailer?


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