Zoo Jeans: When zoo animals take a bite out of fashion!

Dorothy lions tigers and bear pre chewed jeans

Before they were a part of everyday fashion, torn and ripped jeans used to a fashion sense of danger and toughness.. unless you were just extremely poor and couldn’t afford a new pair. However, The Kamine Zoo in Hitachi, Japan is bringing the “danger” and “toughness” back by selling jeans that have been gnawed on the zoo’s lions, tigers and bears as part of a fundraiser.

As part of the making process large sheets of denim have been wrapped around objects such as logs, tires and rubber balls for the animals to chew to their heart’s content. The deliberately torn denim is then sewn together to make what is being called, “Zoo Jeans” and are to be sold at an auction to raise money for the animals.

You gotta admit, they look pretty damn cool. I SO WANT A PAIR!!! No price for the jeans has been set yet, but you can bet they’ll cost an arm and a leg… yes, I just went there.

Cowardly lion wizard of oz

While it would be all kinds of cool to have a pair of lion-chewed jeans, I suppose I can alway rub dog food on a pair of my jeans and dangle them over my crackhead neighbour’s fence, and let their dog gnaw on them for the same effect.


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