Are Ball Park Music doing a secret show in Brisbane before Splendour in the Grass?

Are Ball Park Music performing a secret show at Alhambra lounge

Either it is the worst kept secret, or there’s going to be a lot of disappointed people on Thursday the 24th of July. So let’s get you peeps up to date with a bit of a rumour circulating through the Brisbane music scene right at this moment.

Every Thursday Alhambra Lounge holds it’s club night called LAMBDA, however according to advertisements and various social networks, on the 24th of July they’re holding a “secret show”  for a band called The Pizzas with support by Born Joy Dead.

The event description reads:

“Anyway there’s this band called “The Pizzas” only they’re not actually called “The Pizzas” if you get what we mean, like, because they’re a bigger band than “The Pizzas”, who aren’t actually a real band but the band that they are when they’re not pretending to be “The Pizzas” is a real band and is bigger than the nonexistent band they’re pretending to be.”

Now this is where it gets interesting, on Tuesday Ball Park Music posted the following status update on their official Facebook Page

Now take into account that the band is contracted to perform at Splendour in the Grass on Friday.  When a band is often contracted to a big Festival such as Splendour, it’s standard practice that the festival will have a certain amount of performance exclusivity around the dates of the festival. Now there are ways around this, a loop hole one might say, and that is “Secret Shows.” In short, the organisers can’t stop contracted band from performing a secret show, just as long as that band in question does not outright say they’re performing.

It doesn’t take a genius to read between the lines, it’s pretty safe to say Ball Park Music are indeed inferring that they are the band performing as The Pizzas next Thursday night. Now I might be wrong, but I’ve pretty good feeling about this.

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What do you peeps reckon???

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