Bruce LaBruce debuts new commercial for his fragrance ‘Obscenity’

Bruce Le Bruce debuts his fragrance Obscenity

So I guess it’s no longer just pop stars, actors and actresses releasing their own fragrance any more. It’s now filmmakers. Yep that’s right, Canadian writer/filmmaker and queer cult icon Bruce LaBruce has debuted his very own fragrance, titled Obscenity. Apparently the fragrance is made up “Ancient and biblical essential oils combined with drops of the healing water from Lourdes create this obscene moment of in fragrance delicto.”

Excuse me

Is “delicto” even a word? Seriously I have to ask. Anyways of course Bruce LaBruce would have directed the commercial for his own fragrance. Hey, why pay someone to do a job when you can do it yourself right? The commercial stars Katja-Inga Boldowski and Dwayne Strike while featuring music by La Jovenc. The commercial is very LaBruce-esque, but that’s to be expected.

So as it turns out the bottle cap was designed in collaboration with jeweller Jonathan Johnson, and the “eau de parfum” was developed in collaboration with perfumer Kim Weisswange.


I’ll be honest it doesn’t sound too bad. I wouldn’t mind buying myself a bottle just to check it out and if it’s crap, I’ll most likely store it alongside Lady GaGa’s fragrance Fame as toilet freshener. However, rumoured to cost $500 for the limited edition fragrance, I’m not too sure if I’m willing to risk it. Not to mention there seems to be no link to actually buy it when you click HERE!

A little confused right now.


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