Watch: Kids Cursing in Movies!!!

Kids cursing in movies Not that long ago I met my friend’s four year old niece that he was babysitting to his great displeasure, while his sister was getting relationship counselling with her husband. I remember saying to her “well aren’t you adorable.” Turns out not all four year old girls like compliments. She told me to “Fuck off!” According to my friend she was tired, but he even agreed with me that she was the brat, and added that she regularly told people to “Fuck off.” Allegedly she had picked up the cursing from her father. The relationship counselling makes sense now, right?

When I said to her that’s not the most appropriate behaviour for a little girl and she told me to “Fuck off” again, I turned around and said next time she swears I was going to climb into her bedroom late at night and cut the heads off all her barbies. To the surprise of my friend and I, she behaved herself for the rest of the afternoon.

Well in the true spirit of swearing little brats where their mother probably should have swallowed the load, here’s an epic super cut of kids cursing in movies by Vimeo user Avaryl Halley. I’d suggest if your at work have the volume down low. 

Kids Cursing In Movies Mashup from Avaryl Halley on Vimeo.

I think my favourite is “Four eyed pile of shit”, what’s yours?

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