A bearded and crazy Taylor Lautner lets loose in the new ‘Cuckoo’ trailer!

Cuckoo series 2 trailer Taylor Lautner

There was a period in my life when I had high hopes for Taylor Lautner. I thought at least once the vampire abomination craziness that was The Twilight Saga was over, he’d actually be able to break free from the Jacob Black title and reach for his full potential. However, after seeing him in Abduction (yes I’m aware that came out before the last Twilight movie) I realised he’d had already been typecast as nothing more than a pretty face and abs. So any high hopes for him pretty much went out the window. That was until now.

Turns out he’s done a bit of a career reinvention starring in the second series of BBC sitcom, Cuckoo. He’s bearded, crazy, and definitely looks like it’ll be worth checking out.

Cuckoo will air in the UK on BBC Three starting on August 7 at 10pm.

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