Colton Haynes can sing?

Colton Haynes covers You Raise Me Up

Whether this is a good thing or not really depends on whether you like Josh Groban. Yes, I am aware that the song “You Raise Me Up” was originally composed and performed by Secret Garden, but Groban’s 2003 take on the song was the one that really put in the spotlight. Well anyways it turns out Colton Haynes can do more than act, he’s got a set of killer pipes too.

For some this might come out of the blue, but it turns out a teaser for this very track was released on his official Youtube channel late last year as part of an upcoming music project he had going. What musical project you might be wondering? Well I have no bloody idea. While it could simply be for an audition, rumour has it he has been getting all chummy with Hairspray & Rock of Ages director Adam Shankman as of late, so perhaps we might be seeing Colton Haynes beginning a music career of sorts. Only time will tell.

So what did you think of the cover?

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