The Goldilocks Zone: Did I set a trend?

Electrik Lemonade

Running fashionably late starting my Friday night live music adventure, but just in time for the tail-end of Electrik Lemonade’s set. Both the band and the audience were well warmed up, and so was I, ready to get my funky groove on. After dancing until the music stopped, there was no time to lose; it was a hop, skip and a jump a couple of blocks down the road to The Motor Room.

The Motor Room

The place buzzing, but it must have been the lull between bands, so it was time to get a bevvie. Staking out my spot (you know, not too close to the stage so you look like a fangurl, but close enough that the space in between won’t be filled in before you can dance your way forward), I naturally found my place in front of keys and bass when Ruby Blue started playing. Layers were shed by many as things heated up, dancing to the bear and the band played right through until the soundie had to flicker the lights to indicate it was time to finish up. Next stop: Lock’n’Load.

A wander up the road was quick and easy while the endorphins from live music were still coursing through my system. Quinn Band had already started their first set, so I was compelled to squeeze into the front to get my groove on. A couple of conversations in, it turned out quite a few people had come from one or both of the previous live music events that I had been at. Either I started a trend, or lots of people had the same idea as me …

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