Tune for Today: “Pentimento” by Foxsmith


Foxsmith have just released their new music video for the band’s newest single, “Pentimento.” The music video is completely illustrated and animated by local Brisbane artist Seana Seeto, featuring the adventures of a cute little black ghost or blob (depends on who you ask) making its way through a variety of dreamy landscapes (reminds me of an acid trip I once took in my younger years), while being accompanied with the ever enchanting and somewhat haunting sound of Foxsmith.

Check it out below

I did try to decipher the meaning of the clip, but my brain has been somewhat suffering the remnants of a hangover from last night.

According to their Facebook page:

“Accompanying the track ‘Pentimento’ is an animation by local Brisbane artist Seana Seeto, who takes the viewer through many worlds following the journey of a blob-shaped protagonist, a harbinger of mishaps.”

i see what you did there

Anyone else notice that sometimes the cutest things in life cause the most trouble? Just a thought.

So what did you think of the music video?


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