A marijuana lubricant for woman that allegedly gives 15 minutes of climax???

Foria marijuana lubricant for woman orgasm meg ryan

Most potheads would say weed makes sex better, that is unless you’ve smoked yourself beyond a functional state, but even if you’re being a starfish it does still feel all kinds of nice. There’s no deny marijuana has a variety of uses, but few have probably used it as a lubricant… well that was until now.

According to its creator Mathew Gerson, Foria is the “first personal lubricant with marijuana designed for female pleasure and to achieve  natural, euphoric pleasure”. Yes, that’s right a THC-infused lubricant for woman! Ladies now you can take your cannabic desires to a whole new height!

Foria marijuana lubricant for woman

The idea was conceived by Mathew Gerson and the ‘Aphrodite Group’ collective, a group of medical marijuana patients and caregivers who came together to provide safe, secure access to the hight quality medical marijuana, of whom also have a mission to empower woman to access a greater level of pleasure and well-being through natural therapies.

As it turns out, Foria combines  CO2-extracted THC oil with coconut oil to give a pleasant fragrance and prevent fungal infections. The result? A viscous, smooth, slippery substance that women are encourage to spray onto their hoohas for a very sensual experience.

its actually very scientific

Each pump of the spray delivers two milligrams of THC,  its creator recommends four to five pumps for the full effect.  Some users have even claimed to have experienced pleasure for more than 15 minutes continuously. Now Foria doesn’t make anyone high… well that is unless they spray it into their mouths. Of which Gerson says is safe to do, but for that purpose just one to two sprays would be sufficient.

Currently Foria is available online and at few dispensaries around Los Angeles and the Bay Area. No word on whether it’ll be coming to Australian shores anytime soon.

So ladies, would you use it?

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