‘ARMAGAYDDON’ Could this be the best marriage equality video yet?


This might very well be the most ingenious and hilarious marriage equality video yet. Uploaded on the 20th of August the video has since had over 182,034 views becoming somewhat of a viral hit, not to mention further cementing the fact that the Irish are bloody hilarious!

The short film ARMAGAYDDON produced by Irish group LGBT NOISE in the lead up for the upcoming March for Marriage in Dublin, tells the story of a heterosexual couple who have barricaded themselves inside their own home away from the horrifying reality where it now seems to be too much equality out in the world. If that wasn’t enough, they also take extra precautions by keeping their son safe hidden away in a box. Deeper meaning there? I think so!

While it’s so easy to laugh at the badly educated and misguided views, the sad reality is there are still people out there like John and Mary and the work on educating these people is far from over, however with videos like this highlighting the stupidity and naivety of their thoughts, hopefully a few of them will see the light.

What did you think of the video?

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