Hot Look of the Day: Lip Art by Laura Jenkinson

Laura Jenkinson lip art  Stitch

London-based makeup artists Laura Jenkinson uses lipstick to paint cartoon characters on her face, turning her own lips into theirs. I think they’re absolutely amazing!

“Despite the images looking painstakingly accurate, Laura says that her method of achieving the look is incredibly simple. ‘I find a picture and then just hold it up to the mirror as a guide and draw straight onto my face – it’s easier than you think!

‘Ironically, drawing onto someone else is more difficult – I think it’s more straightforward drawing onto my own face.’
Laura says that she is thrilled with the response she has received for her work and that the positive feedback is very rewarding. ‘People always say it makes them really happy and it’s nice to bring a bit of joy.’  “(Daily Mail)

Laura Jenkinson lip art  Bugs Bunny

Laura Jenkinson lip art  Stitch

Laura Jenkinson lip art Cartman

Laura Jenkinson lip art Cow

Laura Jenkinson lip art Mario Bros

Laura Jenkinson lip art Mr T

Laura Jenkinson lip art Popeye

Laura Jenkinson lip art Power Puff Girls


Laura Jenkinson lip art Tazzie Devil

Laura Jenkinson lip art Timon

Seriously how cool are these? Could you imagine if something like this actually took off as a part of every day fashion? I mean how awesome would it be walking down the street seeing people with their favourite characters lipsticked on their chins? I’d totes get one of Groot!!!

You can check out more of Laura’s fabulous talent on her Instagram!

What would you get done?

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