The Belligerents release a music video for “I don’t want to be in your arms”

The Belligerents - I Don't Want To Be In Your Arms

Brisbane band The Belligerents have just released a music video for their newest single “I don’t want to be in your arms”, and it’s all kinds of hilarious!!!  The track is catchy and the video features an unappreciated kinky Nana, a dancing dog, horny goats, and a less than enthused grandpa. Now all they need to do is throw in a few viagra and it’s one hell of a party!

It kinda reminds me of my friends Grandma who had a few too many drinks one Christmas and kept pinching my ass and asking if I had ever been with an older more experienced woman. I didn’t dare dampen her hopes and tell I rode stick.

“I don’t want to be in your arms” is one of the tracks that will be featured on the band’s upcoming third EP that is set to be released later this year. In the meantime you can follow the boys by checking out their Facebook page by clicking HERE!

What did you think of the video?


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