‘The New Yorker’ addresses massive nude photo scandal with ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ cartoon

groot phone hacking guardians of the galaxy the new yorker

Well I’m sure you guys have heard all about those leaked nudes of a few big named female celebrities and how it’s causing quite the scandal. Not to mention things are getting pretty serious with the FBI being called in. Personally I’m staying well away from it. More of a respect thing I guess.

However, The New Yorker is known for posting satirical illustrations in its Daily Cartoon column and it comes as no surprise the recent photo scandal would be the inspiration for one of their cartoons this week. Artist Benjamin Schwartz has depicted Guardians of the Galaxy stars, Rocket and Groot also caught in the midst of their own photo scandal has pretty much gone viral like a bad case of the pox.

Probably a bit too soon. But you gotta give Schwartz points for popular culture reference at least.

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