Pepper is returning for ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

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There’s no denying many of us are dying for the release of American Horror Story: Freak Show in October. On top of the numerous cast members returning for the forth instalment of the series, for the first time in the entire series a character will actually be returning too. Naomi Grossman will be reprising her role as Pepper for Freak Show!

Entertainment Weekly Explains:
The events of Freak Show take place approximately 12 years before the start of American Horror Story‘s mental institution installment. It would not be uncommon for Jessica Lange’s Elsa Mars character to travel around to mental hospitals and offer to take on the responsibilities of the patients for profit. Elsa Mars’ intention has a more matronly tone to it as Murphy explains,
‘What Elsa has done for 20 years is she goes around to hospitals and jails and rescues these ‘freak’ circus performers who are going to be shipped away to asylums and she signs the waivers and she becomes their guardians.’

We may not know the fate of anyone else in the series thus far, but fans can take comfort knowing that Pepper will make it out alive. (That is until she is accused of a violent crime and sent away to Briarcliff where she lives until her death in 1966.)
This is the first time in four years of American Horror Story where a character from a previous season has popped up in another, and Murphy says he and the producers did not make the decision lightly. Admits Murphy, “We thought about it long and hard and we decided that it was interesting to do.”

Pepper returns for American Horror Story Freak Show

I loved the character of Pepper in Asylum, and can’t wait to see her background story unfold in Freak Show.

Are you excited for the new series?


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