Tune for Today: “Dream Brother” (Jeff Buckley cover) by Bats on Acid.

Bats on Acid

So I know this talented musician  called Tim “Bones” Fogarty that fronts a band called Dead Wolves (if you’ve never seen them live, you have not lived!), not to mention is also a member of a few other bands. Well anyways one of his side projects, Bats on Acid  just released a cover of Jeff Buckley’s “Dream Brother” and holy shizz balls it’s so damn good!!!

I often hate people doing covers of Jeff Buckley, mainly because they’re usually poor substitutes. But Bones’ take on “Dream Brother” is bloody brilliant making the track with different layers of his voice, it takes the song to a whole new level. The guy is musical genius. Check it out below.

You know how unicorns are meant to shit rainbows, I swear Tim “Bones” Fogarty shits musical notes and rifts.

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