Oh the horror! Pillows that will give you nightmares!

Theyre Here Pillow by Horror Decor

In the newest edition of shit you should buy me because you love me… are these fabulously horrific pillows by Horror Decor. Featuring printed images from classic horror films such Nosferatu, The Exorcist, A Nightmare on Elm Street,  The Exorcist, and many more, these are a must buy for the diehard horror film fan! The square ones come in small and large and range between $14 t0 $20, while  the rectangular ones cost $16.

Check some more out below.

Fright Face Pillow by Horror Decor

Jaws Pillow by Horror Decor

Night of the Living Dead Face Pillow by Horror Decor

Night of The Living Dead Pillow by Horror Decor

The Exorcist Pillow by Horror Decor


Horror Decor also has various other horror knickknacks so check ’em out HERE!


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