Tune for Today: “Dance Like You’ve Got Good Credit” by Cazwell

Cazwell releases a video for Dance Like You've Got Good Credit

Being openly gay and in the Hip Hop industry some might say Cazwell is a bit of a walking contradiction. However, there is no denying the guy has a habit of dropping a damn catchy track every now and than. I still can’t get “Ice Cream Truck” out of my head!

Well anyways Cazwell has just released a music video for “Dance Like You Got Good Credit” featuring Cherie Lily, Big Dipper and Bianca Del Rio, is it me or is she popping up in everyone’s music videos these days?

According to Cazwell the idea of the song came about from a time when he used work with Bianca,  “We used to work together at a bar…I would DJ and she got on the mic and read the crowd! One time we got this guy up on stage to strip for $100, but he was barely moving. So, Bianca screamed at him ‘Dance, like you got good credit!’. I thought to myself, ‘damn, that’s a goot title for a song.’”

Also have you noticed this video unlike his others, features a lot more females dancing? Now I might be wrong but it seems like he might be trying to broaden his marketability and make a few extra dollars. Which in my opinion isn’t always a bad thing.

Cazwell’s sophomore album Hard 2 B Fresh, comes out September 30th.

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