4chan pranks idiots to microwave their iPhones!

4chan microwave iphone prank

Once again we have further proof that you shouldn’t always believe everything you read on the Internet. Almost immediately after Apple released iOS 8, and the general public and media went a little cray cray with the newest iPhone 6, 4chan’s /g/ board started brainstorming marvellous ways to screw with Apple fanatics, and with a stroke of genius they came up with a fake advertisement for a new iPhone feature “Microwave Charging.”

4chan microwave iPhone prank

They proceeded to create a fake advertisement, made sure it spread around social media with the use of burner Twitter accounts and the hashtag #applewave, and TADA the ultimate prank was born.

4chan microwave phone prank wave

Well the prank was allegedly a success in the fact that it got media coverage, while¬†it didn’t cause thousands of people to microwave their iPhones, there’s at least five people who did…

Thanks 4chan for showing why idiots can’t have nice things.

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