Dario Argento and Iggy Pop join forces for a new film!!!

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Now if this movie gets made, I’ll literally piss my pants! The master of Italian horror films and literally the true Godfather of punk are joining forces for a new horror film titled, The Sandman. That’s right Dario Argento and Iggy Pop are working on a film together! Now don’t get this confused with the graphic novel series of the same name, this incarnation of the Sandman stems from a German legend, that saw the Sandman stealing  the eyes of children who refused go to sleep. Then to make matters worst, the Sandman would then go feed them to his hungry children on the moon. Sounds like an epically messed up bedtime story or what? And it looks like Iggy Pop will be playing the title role!

The story supposedly follows a young man named Nathan, who after witnessing The Sandman murdering his mother and neighbour descends into a dream-state stalking of the killer, slowly falling into madness. In true Dario Argento style the story begins on Christmas Day because as the directors states, “I am tired of these Christmas movies showing goodness…I’d rather have a Christmas movie where there is also strength, violence, horror…”

Dario Argento with the help of Iggy Pop are taking a different route for such an established director, with the film being crowd-funded via IndieGoGo, so that as Iggy says, “We can make the film our way.”

There’s some pretty cool perks with the crowd funding campaign that includes signed posters, action figures, premiere tickets and even a chance to act in the film. The campaign runs until November 8 and you can check it out HERE! Considering Argento’s track record for making visually stunning films that really push boundaries of the psychological perspective, and Pop’s history of being the true definition of wild and unpredictable, there is no denying when these two join forces the cinematic universe will be in for one very messed up treat.


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