Tune for Today: “Stairway to Nowhere” – The Terri Green Project

The Terri Green Project Stairway to Nowhere

There’s something nice about waking up on a Monday morning to find out an old friend has released a new music video. Terri Bjerre AKA The Terri Green Project has just released a video for her newest and extremely catchy single “Stairway to Nowhere.”

To put it simply I can’t go past a good soul track and this is definitely one of those. According to The Terri Green Project website, “Stair Way to Nowhere” highlights the emotional roller coaster of an undying and eternal love that has lost its way. I’m sure a few of us can relate. Anyways check out the video below.

Also it goes without saying, Terri you need to get your butt back to Australia for a groove, it’s been way too long! x

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