Zombie Hit and Run!!!

zombie hit and run

So Jeff Stiles from Michigan, had the brilliant idea of dressing up as a zombie and standing on the side of the road trying to scare motorists as a bit of a Halloween prank. Perhaps not the smartest idea, especially when the plan backfired with a motorist running the 45 year-old over.

The motorist allegedly drove away in fear, possibly trying to evade police or legitimately thought they were in the midst of a zombie apocalypse and seeing enough movies, knew to get far away as possible. Because we all know where there’s one Zombie there’s bound to be more.

Fortunately, Mr Stiles survived the accident and will live to eat brains another day. Police are still looking for the driver, however the chances of finding them are slim considering they’re probably hiding away in a bunker somewhere waiting for the zombie apocalypse to end.

So what have we learnt? Don’t dress up as Zombies and scare drivers, because highly likely you’ll risk becoming roadkill.

[via Fox News]

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