Crackheads locked in a closet for two days…


Further cementing the fact that crack is wack, a couple from Florida saw out with 2014 with a bang, going on a two-day meth binge in a janitor’s closest in the Environmental Science Centre at Daytona State College. After finding themselves “stuck” in the closest for two days (suppose it’s not as bad as Ian Thorpe), John Arwood and Amber Campbell finally broke down on Tuesday and called 911, claiming they’d been chased into the closet on Sunday and had been locked inside.

When the authorities turned up, they found the closet door was unlocked. Turns out the pair could have walked out any time. Once again I say, crack is wack! The authorities also found the stench of two days’ worth of human waste, copper scouring pads often used for smoking crack. However now drugs were found, but it’s safe to say the pair probably finished their stash well before they thought of calling 911. The pair have been charged with trespassing, while Campbell was also charged with violating probation from a 2013 arrest.

I can’t help but wonder if they found Narnia while they were locked in there…

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