Jaws fan makes the ultimate baby bed and now I want to reproduce!

Jaws Superfan Dad Makes An Epic Baby Bed!

So as gay man I’m lucky. The only kids I have to worry about I flush down the toilets. However if by some twist of fate I ended up with offspring, I’d totally be buying one of these for my bubba.

So it turns out Joseph Reginella is a bit of a fan of Jaws, and took his fandom to the extreme creating the ultimate Jaws Baby Bed for his nephew.

Some might find it a little disturbing. I personally love it!

Now if only I had kids.. then again this would also make the coolest doggy bed. I know my housemate is thinking of buying a pug in the near future… however he’s got a fear of sharks so I’m not quite sure if this would go down all that well.

Would you have your baby or puppy sleep in this?


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