Chris Pratt trains bloody Velociraptors in the new TV sport for ‘Jurassic World’


While the gays were screaming about Katy Perry’s Halftime show during the Super Bowl, I was screaming about the TV spot for Jurassic World. Now if you were just the slightest bit pumped for the release of newest addition to the Jurassic Park franchise, then your level of anticipation should have just about exploded like a nuclear bomb, and I’m not exaggerating.

The latest trailer for Jurassic World, not only has more dinosaurs including a Pteranodon picking up a fleeing park patron and a few vague glances of the films genetically engineered big bad Indominus Rex, it also has Chris Pratt training bloody Velociraptors!

I think I literally just jizzed a little. I mean this is only the second trailer to date, but already this is looking far better than the previous sequels and I repeat Chris Pratt training bloody Velociraptors!

Seriously June can’t come fast enough!

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