Little Earthquake teases a new music video.

Little Earthquake Justin and Matthew Hyland

It’s┬árather known I’m quite a big fan of the band Little Earthquake fronted by brothers Justin and Matthew Hyland. The boys are rather talented, throw on a good show, and they’re just pretty down to earth decent guys and I’m proud to say they’ve become personally good friends of mine.

Well they’re just about to hit the road again on another national tour and they’ve just┬áreleased a trailer for the music video for their next single “I Am Alive” made by the talented Robert Sherwood from Sherwood Studios.

Check it out below

Little Earthquake – “I Am Alive” (Trailer) from Sherwood Studio on Vimeo.

Can’t wait to see the finished video. It seems like they’ve picked up their game a little with this new music video. The production looks beautiful. Plus you can’t go pass a bit boobie action!

Their last music video for their single “Bright Side” found itself surrounded in controversy after the video was banned on Youtube allegedly due to the use of a dead fish. Something was a little fishy there if you ask me. So hopefully they have better luck with this one.

While we wait for the boys to release their newest video, here’s their last two for your viewing pleasure.

Little Earthquake – Brightside from GMRX Media on Vimeo.

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