Scientifically-Accurate Barney will devour your childhood

Scientifically Accurate Barney

I personally always felt there was something a little dodgy about the television series Barney and Friends. The idea of a big talking purple dinosaur that pranced around naked singing songs of love to children and hugging them, just never sat quite right with me. Hey at least Humphrey B Bear wore a vest and a hat!

Thanks to the guys at Fox’s Animation Domination High-Def and their hilarious Scientifically Accurate series we get a new take on the purple dinosaur that is… well scientifically accurate.

This Scientifically Accurate Barney, rips children apart while learning the alphabet, at the same time poisoning them from an infection that rapidly spreads from his razor-sharp-children-shredding claws. Basically this Barney is all kinds of fucked up and your childhood will never be the same.

Mildly disturbing but hilarious nonetheless.


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