This pro-vegan music video makes me want to eat meat!


Do you remember a little while back when I posted how someone thought it would be good to make an anti-domestic violence music video that ended up being unintentionally hilarious? If not you can click HERE and have a good laugh. Well anyways here’s another example of good intentions going hilariously bad. This one is from 2011 and is quite possibly the worst persuasive argument for veganism ever!

I mean I have nothing against vegans, but the above video simply made me want to fire up the BBQ throw on some meat!┬áSeriously in the process of writing the lyrics, recording the song, painting “Vegan As Fuck” on the wall of the garage, dressing like an extra from Wayne’s World and filming himself dancing , did no one think to say to to this guy that maybe it might be a bad idea?

If this was a case to sway me to becoming a vegan, I’m sorry this guy has failed. The only thing he quite possibly achieved from making this music video is simply giving vegans a bad name.

Excuse me while I go eat some chicken wings.

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