It’s peeback time in Germany!


St. Pauli,  Hamburg is a bit of of a tourist hotspot that attracts nearly 20 million visitors a year. However the area suffers a major problem… drunk people pissing all over it. Now it seems some locals are fighting fire with fire and pissing right back on them… well kinda.

A group known as IG St. Pauli have gone about coating the bottoms of the building with water-repelling paint. The result is simple. Anyone who tries to piss on one of these buildings ends up with a serious case of splash-back. The group have said that they’re tired of local law enforcement’s inability to do anything about what the Germans call “wildpinklers”

One member of the group had this to say,“Prohibitions and fines do scarcely anything, so we decided to solve the problem our own way. Now, St Pauli pees back.” So eloquently put don’t you think?

IG St. Pauli have also put up plenty of signs on these buildings asking people to please piss in appropriate places (such as toilets) instead of all over their town. However there aren’t as many signs as there are painted buildings though. If you were planning on heading over there and just letting loose, be careful just because there’s no signs doesn’t mean there’s no water-repelling paint. The last thing you want on a night out is to go walking about smelling like a urinal.

The special paint is known as Ultra-Ever Dry and its effects are supposed to last for approximately a year. Perhaps the drinking folk of St. Pauli would do well to use bathrooms for the rest of 2015. God forbid it might even become a permanent habit.

Now someone should seriously hit up Brisbane City Council about doing something similar in Fortitude Valley. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who finds the stench of urine on a hot day near the valley train station rather off-putting?

(via The Guardian)

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