Topless nun billboard ticks off the residents of Naples ahead of the Pope’s visit


We all love a good shit stir, especially when it seems that shit stir is directed at the Catholic Church. Clothing company Rosso Di Sera is being accused of blasphemy for their latest billboard. Residents of Naples are all kinds of pissed at the company for putting up a billboard of a topless model wearing a nun’s habit and rosaries right before Pope Francis’ scheduled March 21st visit.

The company has released a statement swearing that their ‘strong marketing choice” wasn’t intentional or meant to be blasphemous and that the advert had been in the works well before the announced plans for the Pope’s visit to the area.


There is something funny about Italy. They’ll quite easily elect porn star La Cicciolina (real name Ilona Staller) into parliament and be fine with the fact that she kept making porn while in office, but if someone put’s up a billboard with a topless model dressed as nun, people completely lose it. Because the high rate of child molestation at the hands of priests in the Catholic Church is definitely not worth losing their shit over right?


Yes, I just went there. *shrugs*

[via/ UPI]


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