Check out this Infographic of gay people & their behaviour on Hook-Up apps!

Check Out This Infographic Of Gays and Their Behaviour On Hook-Up Apps

It was about time somebody interviewed a load of gay guys about their behaviour using hook-up apps. On hook-up apps, Are we liars, sluts, and successful on these apps? This latest infographic from sheds some light on those questions as well as the average age of users, how forward we are and our attitudes toward HIV.

Obviously some of the answers come across as surprising. However 18-24 being the most common age of users doesn’t really surprise me. I mean they struggle to put their phones down at the best of times.

Check it out below.

Infographic Of Gays and Their Behaviour On Hook-Up Apps

Obviously I wouldn’t take the infographic as solid gold truth, but it’s enlightening nonetheless.

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