Jessica Lange just threw supreme shade at Lady GaGa!

Jessica Lange don't give a shit about Lady GaGa

I’m a big fan of of American Horror Story, not to mention I’m an even bigger fan of Jessica Lange. Now we all know Lange can be the Queen of Shade when she wants to be. Just look at this moment when she completely steamrolled Glee’s Lea Michelle on the red carpet…

Jessica Lange Throws Shade at Lea Michele

The grace in which she just snobs her without the slightest acknowledgement is true brilliance. Well it seems Lange has done it again when she was asked during a panel at Paleyfest when she confirmed that she was “done”  with American Horror Story, and was asked if Lady GaGa’s involvement in series five could convince her to stay…

“Does Gaga convince you to stay for another season?”

She paused and then asked:

“What does that mean? I don’t understand the question.”

She started to say something…paused, then followed with a wordless head roll.


jessica lange throws shade at Lady GaGa 1

jessica lange throws shade at Lady GaGa 2

jessica lange throws shade at Lady GaGa 3

jessica lange throws shade at Lady GaGa 4


Yes, the greatness that is Jessica Lange couldn’t understand how Lady GaGa would ever factor in her decision-making process. The head roll just says it all. She truly is The Supreme.

Oh how we will miss you on American Horror Story!


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