Watch: How the men’s standard of beauty changes around the world

A Look At Male Beauty Standards Around The World

It has become increasingly prevalent in entertainment, media, and advertising to see the objectifying of the male form. Hey after a few thousand years it probably is good to give the females a break. I’m sure they’ve had their fair share. So what makes a man physically attractive? Depending on where you live in the world, your answer to the question might vary greatly.

For instance in the U.S. the current standard seems to be leaning towards the “lumber sexual” – masculine, muscular, bearded and white. However if you look to to Brazil it’s the “Germanic features” with tan skin that are considered an ideal beauty combination, also cosmetic surgery seems to be a thing there these days. While in Turkey, the increasing trend is the removal of body hair. Facial hair and muscle definition while they do have universal appeal, the perfect amount seems to differ from country to country.

Check out some more interesting facts about the “ideal man” from around the world in the Buzzfeed video below.

So how do you did you fit into the so-called “standards?”

For a bit more in-depth information into the study click HERE!

[via/ Buzzfeed]

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