Hugh Jackman is calling it quits as Wolverine.


It’s hard to believe that it’s been fifteen years that Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine, or maybe it’s harder to believe that we’re all growing old including Mr Jackman who is now 46 years-old. In the past the actor has hinted that his time as the iconic character would be coming to an end, and as of Saturday via an Instagram post he pretty much confirmed that he’d be hanging up the adamantium claws for good.


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At this stage it’s unclear whether he’s shooting everything at once, since it’s been reported that he’ll at least appear in X-Men: Apocalypse, and there’s still one more Wolverine movie expected to come out in 2017, not to mention there were also rumours also circulating that he’d make an appearance in the upcoming Deadpool spinoff film that sees Ryan Reynolds return in the title role.

I think it’s safe to say that Jackman is pointing to the third Wolverine film that also sees director James Mangold returning as being the last time he will take up the role. I suppose the notorious insane workout routine that Jackman has to endure for the role would definitely be taking its toll on the 46 year-old’s body. Still 15 years playing the same role is pretty impressive.¬†One thing that’s for certain, we can expect an explosive send off for the character.

However while we wait, in the meantime lets bask in Wolverine’s glory.

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I’d totally wouldn’t mind waking up to that in the morning!

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