Tune for Today: No Frills Twins – “God Bless The Internet”

No Frills Twins

So this track and music video may have been released back in January, but I still find myself playing it. It’s all kinds of catchy not to mention the music video is an explosion of colourful imagery that at some points really has you going WTF?

So today I’m sharing it for two reasons firstly I found myself listening to it again today and also the story behind the No Frills Twins is nothing but inspiring.  20-year-old identical twins Vanessa and Arna Rogers hail from small-town Mullumbimby and over the past couple of years since first uploading videos performing covers to their Youtube channel in 2012, the quirky pair with their own unique sense of fashion have gained quite the following. Their youtube channel has over 64,000 subscribers while their Facebook page has over 221,176 likes with numbers continually growing on a daily basis.

The pair had their “KFC Zinger Burger Song” picked up by KFC Australia that also resulted in the pair sharing studio time with the Madden Brothers recording another one of their songs “Good Times Australia”, while their cover of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” saw over 8000,000 views and achieving third place in an international contest sponsored by American entertainment industry icon Ryan Seacrest.

January saw the pair release the above track from their upcoming debut album of originals that was the result of a hugely successfully funded kickstarter campaign, with the music video getting the attention of the one and only Boy George who praised the music video tweeting the girls.

I think the thing that I like about these girls is at the core they are completely unapologetic in their own self-expression, and their “out there” sense of fashion and music will simply inspire others to be that way too. Now I’m just eagerly awaiting their debut album to see where it takes them.

What were your thoughts on the music video?

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