Rihanna breathes ‘American Oxygen’ in her new music video.

Rihanna premieres American Oxygen on Jay Z's Tidal

Check it out. Rihanna is being all grown up and stuff. On Monday she surprised fans by premiering her new song American Oxygen along with a star-spangled music video Jay Z’s Tidal. The Barbados born 27-year-old’s latest video has all the somber tones of a conflicted immigrant, featuring footage of historic events while being intercut with shots of the singer wearing a rather clingy mid-drift.

American Oxygen seems to have more of a mature sound compared to what we’re used to from the singer. I think the video is her attempt at making some kind of political statement, with the general gist being that in America anything is possible, you work hard enough and you can have an empire… but being America you’re probably just going to end up drug trafficking or getting shot on the street. You know all that feel good kind of shit.

If you ask me, whatever the political statement might be that she was trying to make, has been slightly overshadowed by… how do I say it nicely? Nipples. Perhaps it was freezing cold during filming. But I personally think she could have learned a bit from Sia’s recent attempt at subverting the idea that women in the pop industry can only be sold by their image. Other than that and also the fact that I think the song sounds like something you’d hear at a spoken word night in an underground dimly lit bar.

It’s not the kind of song I’m gonna jump up down with excitement for, but I probably wouldn’t change the radio station over if it came on either.

What do you think about it?

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