Want to win a street fight in the hood? Just strip!

How to win street fights in the hood!! Epic!!

I’m quite a fan of hidden camera shows, mainly because 99% of the time the reactions you see are real. Such as the below video. A few guys walk through “the hood” mouthing off at people and picking fights. Yes a few of them receive a few blows to their heads, but the minute they drop their pants to reveal they’re wearing novelty thongs (or for us Aussies, G-Strings), the big macho guys run for their lives in fear at the slightest glimpse of male flesh.

Personally I couldn’t see myself walking through “the hood” picking fights. I just don’t think I’m a fan of having my face pummelled into the concrete. So I gotta admit these guys are all kinds of brave for pulling of this kind of shit.

Who’d have thought a bit of homoeroticism is a great way to deal with conflict. So next time someone is starting on you walking down the street. Take it one step further. Show some peen and watch your attackers flee in horror… unless you live in Queensland where they still have the gay panic defence.  You’re pretty much screwed then.



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