Florence and the Machine release a music video of ‘Ship to Wreck’

Florence and the Machine release Ship to Wreck Video

Florence and the Machine recently debuted a melodramatic music video for single ‘Ship to Wreck’ off recent album How Big How Blue How Beautiful at Coachella, and now the video is available to watch online.

The video opens with an epic shot of Florence standing in the rain clearly feeling all kinds of emo about something. Then we see her crawling through her trashed apartment in what we can only assume is an attempt to find somewhere to pass out that is obviously not meant to be next to her asshole boyfriend. The two fight, make up, and then fight some more. Then Florence’s super-crazy, self-destructive side splits off from her and then she has to fight her too. As I said, melodramatic!

Gotta give the girl kudos for pulling off a ballsy theme that could have turned out all kinds of embarrassing if it had been orchestrated poorly.

Florence does it again! Bloody love this girl.

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