There’s actually a Japanese game show where guys sing karaoke while getting jerked off!

Japanese game show where guys sing while getting jerked off

What do you get when you mix Japan’s fascination with karaoke bars, game shows and pornography? You get the Japanese game show called Sing What Happens. The concept of the show is fairly simple. A guy must remember all the words to the song he’s singing while a woman strokes him off until his tone begins to falter.  In order to win he also has to hit all the correct notes. Yes people this is actually a thing.

I’m not quite sure what’s more shocking, the fact this girl is pulling this guy off while he attempts to sing or the fact that it’s actually a show.

According to the video’s description, the show runs on a premium adult channel, so I at least guess you shouldn’t expect to watch it after the six o’clock news. I’m yet to work out just how someone technically loses. If you ask me, everyone is a winner… except for the guy with the mop and bucket.


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