Check out the new dino-tastic trailer for ‘Jurassic World’

New Jurassic World Trailer Chris Pratt motorbike Raptors

There’s no denying that the previous trailers for Jurassic World have been lacking a little bit of  that dino wow factor. However this just released trailer delivers a lot more dinosaurs than its predecessors, while enlightening viewers with a few more plot details. It’s safe to say things get royally messed up at this fully operational dinosaur park.

If you weren’t excited for the film, this new trailer will definitely change that.

Check it out below.

So much dinosaurs. So much excitement!

While I might not ever be completely used to the idea of a pack of raptors lead by Chris Pratt, this new trailer looks all kinds of fun, not to mention the dinosaurs looks epic.

Bring on June 12th already!

Are you excited?

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