Male strippers just surprised Simon Cowell on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Forbidden Nights on Britains Got Talent

If you’ve ever questioned whether Britain’s got talent? After watching this auction, I think you will agree with a big YES! When 27-year-old Lewis from London started singing during his audition for Britain’s Got Talent, judge Simon Cowell seemed far from impressed.

Just as it seems he’s warming up things, Lewis seems to experience technical difficulties and is joined by some ridiculously good looking stage “crew”. Suddenly jackets are being thrown off and flesh is being bared. Turns out they’re strippers or as they’re officially known  Forbidden Nights.  While they may not be the boys from Magic Mike, they’re enjoyable nonetheless and have my vote.

Watch the audition below.

Now how do I get a job on the judging panel?

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