So that straight guy took his gay friend to the Prom and it was the best night ever!

Teen Vogue' Documents Gay Teen and His Straight Best Friend On Their  Prom Night- Jacob Lescenski and Anthony Martinez

Do you remember the other week how I posted about the straight high schooler asking his gay friend to their high school prom? Well as it turns out Anthony Martinez got to go to the prom with his best straight mate Jacob Lescenski, and it was the best time ever!

After becoming a viral hit, not to mention even appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show where the host gave them each a cheque for $10,000 (personally I think that would shit all over prom any day), Teen Vogue took action with assistance of clothing store Topman for the their tuxedos, rented a limo, and decided to make the boy’s night even bigger than the two ever imagined by capturing the special night on camera.Jacob Lescenski and Anthony Martinez prom photo gay straight

Check out Teen Vogue’s profile of the adorable pair as they captured their big night below.

Adorable or what? As I said previously, It’s stories like this that give me hope for humanity in the next generation.

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