Someone actually tried to smuggle an 8-year-old boy in a suitcase.

X-ray of 8-year-old boy inside a suitcase

Recently I’ve been catching up on the TV series Weeds and learning all about people smuggling, but this story takes things to a whole new level! A woman was recently caught acting all suspicious at the border of Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta and was kindly asked to put her suitcase through an x-ray machine. My guess the border agents expected to find some serious drugs, but instead found found an 8-year-old boy.

The woman was arrested and the scared and confused boy who identified  himself as Abou from the Ivory Coast, was handed over to Spain’s child protection services. A few hours later his father was arrested as he attempted to cross the border, telling the authorities “I just wanted to take him with me to the Canary Islands.”

X-ray machine finds 8-year-old boy inside a suitcase

Reports say that the woman was of no relationship with either Abou or his father, but is assumed she was paid to sneak to the boy over the border. Oh how the mind ponders. I can’t help but wonder if she tried to convince border patrol not to put the bag through the x-ray machine at first, or if she’d actually thought she’d get lucky and the machine that is specifically designed to see through bags wouldn’t pick up a person  shaped object stuff into suitcase.

It is reported that each year thousands of migrants risk their lives to cross into Spain through the northern Africa enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, in the hope to find a better life in Europe. As Spanish authorities have stepped up their efforts to crack down on the migrants, many have had no option but to become a little more creative in their attempts such as stowing away in false-bottom cars, shipping containers and in this case suitcases.

I suppose this puts a stop to my plans of hiding away in my friend’s luggage during their next trip to Amsterdam.

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