The National Security Agency named one of its programs SKYNET… We’re screwed!


Now this news might make you giddy with excitement or inspire you to go digging bunkers and storing up on your canned food because judgment day is just around the corner.

In leaked documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency (NSA) thought it would be a great idea to name on its programs SKYNET, you know that global digital defence network that decided to go on and attempt at wiping out the entire human race in The Terminator franchise.

Terminator judgement day

In the films, SKYNET becomes fully self-aware and when the military realises that they should probably shut it down, SKYNET decides to fight back launching a nuclear war to¬†wipe everyone out. Don’t freak out too much, the actual SKYNET program used by NSA is simply a metadata collection program used to try an identify couriers for Al-Qaeda by analysing phone date.

So yeah you might be thinking we’re all safe and all. I mean how much damage can a metadata collection program do? Well it really depends who you ask. But what the hell happens when the program becomes sentient? It’ll inevitably evolve, escape through the internet and try to kill us all.

Wait a minute… did I just rehash the plot for The Terminator franchise or Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Be scared people be very scared.

Ultron fires[Source]


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