David Lynch is back onboard for the ‘Twin Peaks’ revival

David Lynch is returning for Twin Peaks Laura Palmer

Twin Peaks fans rejoice. David Lynch is back onboard for the show’s revival. Late last year Lynch announced the long awaited return of the cult classic television series, however in March during his visit to Brisbane, things started looking a little bit worrisome. Then the devastating news came. He announced he would no longer be involved in the project, mainly due to a contract dispute with US network Showtime.

However today we call let out a collective sigh of relief, as David Lynch is officially back on board announcing in a tweet this morning:

David Lynch is back on for the Twin Peaks revival

Now if that wasn’t exciting enough not only has Showtime president Daivd Nevins confirmed the news of Lynch’s return, but he will now be directing the entire rebooted series, rather than just nine episodes as originally announced. So it looks like we’ll be getting more Twin Peaks than we can poke stiff Laura Palmer corpse at.

It’s a beautiful day for fans of Twin Peaks, with the series expected to drop sometime in 2016.
So stoked with the news, what about you?
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